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Burn After Watching is a film blog/podcast based in Knoxville, Tennessee. On each week's episode we discuss and review current films, as well as often veering off topic to talk about news in the film industry, television, or to complain about blu-ray packaging. We like to think of the show as an outlet to talk and discuss about something we love, but also an opportunity to share our opinions with fellow film lovers.



Jody Crisp

Jody is currently studying film at the University of Tennessee here in Knoxville. Aside from watching and talking about movies, he also enjoys writing and analyzing film, often contributing to the movie review site Letterboxd. Outside of school and the podcast, Jody also works part-time as a manager at a local art theater (where he actually met Reid).

Reid Ramsey

Reid is also studying film at the University of Tennessee. He first became interested in film at a young age, but later grew into a true cinephile. Reid's favorite filmmakers are the Coen Brothers, but he also loves classic directors Alfred Hitchcock and Chaplin. Outside of film, Reid's biggest hobby is coffee (don't mention coffee around him).

Kent Wakefield

Kent came from humble beginnings, born and raised in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. Kent has most likely been watching movies for almost 3 weeks now. When he's not on the podcast, he's most likely basket weaving or searching for Atlantis. Kent is not a fan of Citizen Kane.